About Us

서울 을지로에 위치한 ONEROOM은 송하영과 최조훈이 2017년 3월에 시작한 전시공간이다. 40㎡ 사다리꼴 모양의 소규모 공간에 적합한 자체 기획을 중심으로 전시와 상영회, 세미나 등의 활동을 지속해왔다. 2018년부터 작가 연구와 아카이빙을 병행한 《ONE-PIECE》 프로젝트를 진행하고 있으며, 작품 프로덕션과 출판으로 활동 범위를 확장하고자 한다. 이외에도 외부 협력 기획자와 함께 《다큐멘터리룸》(2018), 《터치스크린》(2018), 《시각문화학회》(2018– ) 등의 프로그램을 진행하고, 대안적 아트페어 《Solo Show》(2018, 2019)에 참여했다.

Founded in Seoul by Hayoung Song, who has a background in art theory, and Johoon Choi, who has a background in architecture, ONEROOM hosts exhibitions, screenings, and seminars conceived for its small, 40-square-meter trapezoidal space in Seoul’s Euljiro district. With a keen interest in production methods and processes, ONEROOM develops its own projects with artists, while also collaborating with peers on programs that address artistic practice and research. In 2018, ONEROOM initiated ONE-PIECE, a long-term collaboration with individual artists involving a process of research, interviews, archiving, and exhibitions centered on their practices. Notable collaborations with external curators include Documentary Room (2018), a monthly series of screenings and discussions on the topic of documentaries, and Society of Visual Cultures (2018–), a research group that gathers monthly to share progress and exchange feedback on set subjects of study.